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Cliff Fall and Rock Strata

While staying in Norfolk, we took a walk along the beach at Hunstanton.  We parked up on the top of the cliffs and walked down the path to the beach.  Once down there, we were able to see the cliff rocks and they were pretty interesting.  The rocks had been laid down in strata are a gentle angle and looked really cool.  I guess they were eroding since we came upon what looked like a recent rockfall.  Of course, rocks do things in a lot slower time than us so it is entirely possible that these rocks had been lying there for ages but they did look pretty recent.

Cromer Pier

Our Norfolk trip included a run along the coast to Cromer.  We were keen to try an amazing fish and chip shop that had been recommended and it was certainly as good as we had been led to believe.  The restaurant was up above the pier.  Cromer has a feel of the sort of seaside resort that is lacking a great reason to be there.  Having grown up by the sea, I have seen the better locations and the ones that are a bit sad and Cromer was more of the latter.  I didn’t feel like exploring the pier itself and made do with getting a photo from a distance.

Holkham Hall Estate Buildings

The north Norfolk coast is the location for Holkham Hall.  We had been to the beach up there many years ago (if you have watched Shakespeare in Love, the final seen of her walking ashore on a Caribbean beach is actually Holkham) but we hadn’t visited the estate.  The Hall looked like it would have been worth a bit more exploration of the estate but we only had a short time to be there.  We stopped off at the entry to the estate and visited some of the buildings there.  They were rather interesting looking buildings and we will go back if the opportunity arises.

ISAP Here I Come

It is that time of year again when ISAP members get together to share knowledge, learn knew things, see what each other have been up to and generally have a lot of fun.  Throw in some chances to shoot some great airplanes and you have a great time.  I can hardly wait.  Hopefully more to report from the trip.  We even have an air show tucked in at the end of the weekend so it should be fun.

You shall find out more when it happens – or a little while afterwards…  Blogging might be a bit sporadic while I am gone.