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Disappearing Glaciers

AE7I9530.jpgFrom Hurricane Ridge, you get a great view of the surrounding mountains of the Olympics.  September obviously is not the time to see the snow on most of the mountains but there are some glaciers on some of the peaks.  However, it appears like they are in retreat.  Photos on the display boards near the visitors’ center show the extent of the glaciers in previous decades and they have retreated a long way.  If they don’t slow down (and usually this accelerates), they will be gone before too long.  We saw them but it seems plenty won’t get the chance.

Hurricane Ridge Deer

B11I8069.jpgPlanning our time in the Olympics meant checking the weather forecast.  We wanted to go up to Hurricane Ridge but doing so on a day that was forecast for rain was not going to be very good idea.  However, one of our days was showing clear skies so we headed up the mountains.  The forecast was not wrong.  The weather was great and there were plenty of nice overlooks to check out on the way up.  Once we got to the top, I was turning in to park when I saw some people stopped ahead of me.  Turns out that there are a bunch of deer that hang around up on the ridge and they don’t seem in the least bit bothered by the presence of people.  One was looking to come through the parking space I was planning on using.  I waited until it decided it was ready to move and then we parked the car.  It headed off to join its family.

B11I8072.jpg B11I8067.jpg