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Bryce Canyon

More photos from old vacations.  This time we have moved from Arizona to Utah and to Bryce Canyon.  This was a place I was absolutely blown away by.  Photos of the canyon and the hoodoos within had got me interested in the place but seeing it was quite stunning.  We were staying on the rim so hiking down in to the canyon or taking the trail around the rim was really easy for us.  It might be true that I spent so much time trying to take some photos on the way around the rim trail that we got to the lot farther around too late for the shuttle and had to walk back again.  I think that proved to be good fortune as the views get better as the sun gets lower.

When you are within the canyon, the hoodoos rise up around you and you get a sense of the scale which you don’t from outside.  The peace and calm when you are down in there is very special.  I may not be a spiritual person but I certainly felt really at ease as we walked through the trails.  Here are a few of the shots I took during that trip.  There are other parts of Utah that we haven’t explored yet and I hope any trip back includes the opportunity to visit Bryce again.

Bryce Canyon

wpid9327-CRW_6261.jpgContinuing the theme of looking back through photos of trips I have taken in the past and that have never made their way on to the blog, we find ourselves in Utah.  Our trip to the Grand Canyon was the first leg of a journey that also included some time at Bryce Canyon.  This was a location that I was really struck by.  The beauty of it combined with the relative peace at the time of year we were there meant it was something very special.  Walking down into the canyon was a very inspiring experience.

wpid9321-CRW_6189.jpgWe spent some time there and walked along the rim of the canyon (and back again courtesy of missing the shuttle as a result of someone spending too much time taking pictures) as well as into the canyon itself.  The weather was great while we were there which certainly helped to appreciate what it had to offer.  These shots are a few of the many I took while there.  Now I want to go back!