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Imperial Trees

wpid9434-AU0E0337-Edit.jpgWalking back from the Imperial Palace towards the hotel to check out, we passed through an area with many trees planted. Not only were their locations carefully planned, they also seemed to be beautifully manicured. The whole effect was very impressive. All of the trees in the grounds looked great. There was one particular tree that was leaning right over alongside the moat that looked like a lot of effort had gone into getting it just right.

Imperial Palace

wpid9440-AU0E0346.jpgWhile I didn’t have an invitation from the emperor (and I don’t even know if he was home), I did have a wander around the outside of the Imperial Palace grounds. There is a substantial moat surrounding the palace itself so I was stopped from getting too close. However, it is still a very pretty area and worth a look, even if time is limited. One of our colleagues had said the palace is open for tours at certain times but, if that is the case, we weren’t there at the right time and had a busy morning planned so it was a quick visit. Well worth doing though.