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The Big House

My nephew’s graduation took place at Ann Arbor MI.  I had not been there before but the main graduation ceremony was held in the football stadium.  It might be able to hold 100,000 but on this day there were not so many.  We had more space to spread out than would be the case in a football game and behind the stage area was left empty. While we waited for things to “kick off”, I figured I would grab a panorama or two of the Big House.

My Time With Seth Myers

AE7I8620.jpgI decided to hang out with Seth Myers for a while.  Admittedly, I did this at the same time as a few thousand other people.  He was the commencement speaker at Northwestern University for 2016 and my niece, Sara, was graduating.  While it might appear that there was no connection between Seth and me, I assure you that we were just playing it low key.  Consequently, I took these pictures from a reasonable distance across the stadium.  Maybe I have some more personal shots taken at another time?  Maybe?

AE7I8563.jpg AE7I8589.jpg AE7I8624.jpg