Stanley Park Totem Poles

The native heritage is strong in the Pacific Northwest.  Stanley Park has an area at Brockton Point that displays a variety of totem poles.  I am not sure of the age of these poles but they are kept in good condition and look great.  I understand many are replicas as the originals have been sent for preservation but others are more recent additions to the park.  Getting pictures of them is slightly tricky.  Something tall and thin does not necessarily make for a dynamic picture.  Instead, I focused on some of the details of the poles rather than the whole thing although getting a view of how many of them there were did seem to make sense.

Aside from the poles, there are portals to the park that welcome the visitors.  These caught my eye quite a bit but seemed to get less attention from the other visitors.  I guess the totem poles are iconic and so are likely to get the most interest.  Supposedly this area is the most visited tourist attraction in British Columbia.  I certainly have no reason to doubt that given how many people were there while we were.

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