Road to Hana

One of the more famous things to do on Maui is drive the road to Hana.  We were advised that an early start was a good idea before the road got filled with tourists and you stopped seeing the sights and instead watched the rear of the car in front of you.  I don’t know how busy it got later since we followed the advice but we certainly had a quiet road to drive.

The terrain is undulating so the road twists and turns as it makes its way around the coast.  You never go very fast and the odd straight sections feel very unusual when you come upon one.  There are plenty of spots along the route to take note of and lots of waterfalls to see.  Some are more impressive than others and our guidebook was very effective at making sure we saw the best of the bunch but didn’t lose too much time at those that were less worthwhile.

It was certainly a nice drive and quite pretty.  Whether I would agree that it is one of the most beautiful drives in the world is a very different story.  Worth doing if you have the time but not unmissable.  I am glad to have done it but won’t feel compelled to do it again if we should return.  There certainly isn’t too much in Hana to do once you get there!  However, it does provide access to some of the nice features of the south side of the island which I actually found more appealing.

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