Ratty and Tales of the Riverbank (Well, Bayshore)

B11I8323.jpgRats have a bad reputation.  It’s not tricky to work out why people don’t like them but I think they are rather cool.  It’s hardly their fault that stuff has been built on top of their homes and they have had to adapt.  The fact we waste so much crap that they can feed on is our fault, not theirs.  They are, of course, a creature that likes living near water.  While sitting alongside the bay near San Francisco, we got a visit from a local rat.  He was busy gathering material for a nest I assume.  He (or she) popped up from amongst the rocks by the water and headed into the brush.  A little while later, back he came.  He grabbed some material and dragged it off where he needed it.  We were not making a lot of noise so he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by our presence.

B11I8304.jpg B11I8316.jpg

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