Night Flight to Oakland

wpid11503-AU0E1064.jpgHeading home from a work trip meant an evening flight back into Oakland. Our run in brought us across Tracy and Livermore and I could get a good view of the towns before we crossed the hills near Fremont. The lack of lights is a good indication of where the hills are sometimes.  There was a lot of cloud lurking over parts of the area and this was lit from beneath by the city lights.  The effect was rather cool as I looked out so I tried to get shots that expressed that too.

wpid11505-AU0E1078.jpgI grabbed a few shots out of the window. Something interesting was happening with the camera as the first shot of the burst was what I was expecting but subsequent ones seemed to go for a far longer exposure with the associated increase in blurry failures. I shall try and work this out but if you know why this might happen, please let me know in the comments.



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