Metal Printing

One of the things that I am always experimenting with is the alternatives available when it comes to reproducing the images I produce. I am always a fan of printing things. My home is full of prints that I have made on my printer or I have bought from MPix. There are far more of them than I will ever be able to hang or frame. However, while it is nice to see pictures on the monitor, I find a physical print to be a lot more satisfying.

Recently, though, I have been trying out various different methods of printing. I have blogged before about my experiments with canvas prints and I have previously tried some metal printing on tiles to make up larger images. I was introduced to another company that prints on metal via a couple of fellow ISAP members, Bill Fortney and Moose Peterson. They have used a company called Image Wizards. I decided to give them a try.

The website provided all of the image requirements for setting up the file for them to use. Unlike my previous experiences with metal printing, they wanted a high pixel per inch count for the file. I have no idea whether this is really necessary or not but I followed their guidelines which obviously increases the file size. I contacted them about the order and took some advice on what the different finish options would be. I uploaded the file through an FTP upload and they also had a discount from my NAPP membership.

About a week later a very large box showed up. They certainly pack the print well for shipping and buried in the middle of the protective material was my print. I have to say that I love it. It was an image I was already pleased with and the metal finish both looks great and also is very accessible to the viewer since there is nothing to get between you and the lovely print finish. The metal base gives it a very attractive look.

My problem, as with all of my printing experiments is what to do with it. Where I live does not have a huge amount of wall space and my wife is not keen that what space there is gets filled up with my aviation prints. Storing them is possible but still takes space so this one is actually going to go to the guy whose plane is featured. I just hope he likes it as much as I do!

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