Mallards Getting Frisky

AU0E0144.jpgThis is the time of year when the wildlife starts to get a bit interested in mating.  This can result in some battles between competing individuals but, while walking alongside a river, I saw a couple of mallard ducks behaving pretty strangely.  One was male and one female so I think they may have been interested in each other but their behavior was sufficiently strange that I couldn’t be sure that was actually the case.

AU0E0115.jpgInitially they were splashing around in the water.  They would seem to dive just below the surface and flap around down there making a lot of noise and moving quite randomly – not necessarily towards each other.  It would stop for a while and then start again.  Very odd behavior to the uninitiated.  After this had gone on for a while, one of them took off followed by the other.  They then appeared to wheel around the sky with a tail chase underway.  This also went on for quite a while before they landed back where they had started and everything seemed to revert to normal.  Anyone who knows what was going on, please let me know in the comments.

AU0E0201.jpg AU0E0119.jpg

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