Iao Valley

If you head inland from the airport on Maui, you can travel up a narrow route called the Iao Valley.  It is a pretty valley to travel up but the main attraction is at the head of the valley where there is a visitor center.  Here is a place that has much historical significance for the people who populated the islands in years gone by.  Battles were fought here and the interesting shapes of the hills have significance as well.

The variation in climate was noticeable.  Looking up into the hills, you could see a lot fo cloud moving through and the foliage was green and dense.  Look the other way and you could see the warmer drier areas appearing in quite a short distance.  There was a river running through the valley which was feeding a lot of cultivated garden areas.  A lot of people visited although not many seemed to stay too long.  If you took your time, it was actually a very nice place to be.

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