Hyperlapse Oakland Approach

I was a sitting by the window on the approach to Oakland and decided to play with the video functions on my phone.  I have shot video clips a number of times of the approach but it takes a lot longer than you realize and makes for a very dull video without editing aggressively.  Also, the turbulence when handholding a phone means the video is very jerky.  Instead I switched the phone to time lapse mode and pointed it out of the window.  The result is an accelerated version of the approach.  The bumps are smoothed out by the compression of time and the maneuvers become more aggressive.  I let the thing run until we are at the gate since that provides a more natural finish point.  We spent a lot of time facing the water as we descended which is a bit less interesting than I would like but you can see that we are getting closer quite quickly.

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