Bixby Creek Bridge

Head south from Carmel along the Pacific Coast Highway and you will eventually come across Bixby Creek Bridge.  This iconic bridge is a popular tourist attraction and also the feature of plenty of car commercials and movies.  If you have watched Big Little Lies, you will have asked yourself why these people were driving over this bridge so often when it is a long way from where they live and doesn’t take them anywhere that they would normally be going.

We stopped off to check it out while we were driving south.  There are some good places to stop just north of the bridge and lots of people are there taking their pictures.  Unfortunately, the angle of the light is not good.  This didn’t stop me taking some pictures anyway.  However, on the way back north, I stopped short of the bridge to take advantage of the better light angle and I am glad I did.  I guess most people aren’t bothered by the light.  However, they could really benefit their tourist snaps from going to the other side.  It would be fun to try this out late in the evening.

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