Squaw Creek in Full Flow

AE7I4557.jpgSquaw Valley has a river running through it.  This river goes by the name of Squaw Creek – you wouldn’t have guessed would you?  It is a short walk from the center of the resort to get to a series of falls that the creek goes over.  A trail winds its way up into the hills a lot further if you are feeling energetic taking you to a lake (if it is early enough in the year for it not to have dried up).  We didn’t explore all of this.  It was the falls that were of interest.

AE7I4541.jpgThe water was flowing quite nicely with the meltwater run off from the mountains.  It would split around obstacles and take various paths down the hill but ending up together again as it descended.  The falls were in some nice tree cover so it was a cool temperature as you climbed up the trail.

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