Have Fun Miles

I went to SFO the other day to try and get some shots of a type before it is withdrawn. I was down on the bayshore later in the day but, in the short time I was there, I met three different groups of people who I ended up talking to. All of them were very nice people and it made for a very pleasant time. However, I want to single out one person and his name is Miles.

I got chatting to a guy and his wife who were watching the planes with their two sons. They explained that the older boy, Miles, was a total aviation enthusiast. The reason they were there was because he wanted to come and see the planes. He liked a lot of different types and airlines but his clear favorite was the British Airways Airbus A380. It was delayed on this particular day but would be in just before 8pm so they were waiting for it to show up. However, Miles was on his game identifying everything else coming in. Like a lot of young kids, he was a bit shy when it came to talking to a stranger so I spent most of the time chatting to his parents but he would periodically chip in with something he had spotted.

Miles seems to have been bitten by the aviation bug a little younger than me. He also is somewhere good for watching a lot of planes which was something I didn’t really have at that age. Best of luck Miles. I hope you continue to find aviation cool as you grow up and maybe, one day, you will be flying your favorite plane. Meanwhile, I hope you aren’t too jealous that I shall be trying the BA A380 out in a few weeks.

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