Glassbaby’s Berkeley Glassworks

Nancy has bought a few items from Glassbaby and was interested in getting one as a gift for someone.  Previously we have been to their stores in the Bay Area but this time we went to they works in Berkeley.  They have a storefront but it is primarily a glass blowing facility.  As we walked in, I was drawn to the groups of people that were busy creating their works of glass art.  Nancy was browsing the shelves of glass so I went back to the car to grab the camera.

There were two groups of people at work.  Further back in the shop were the staff who were busy creating the core product of the company.  They were heating and having the glass pretty efficiently.  One of the nice things about Glassbaby’s products is that they are all hand made and consequently, no two are exactly alike.

At the other end of the shop were some people that were doing their own thing.  I don’t know whether they were just using the facilities or whether they run training programs.  Some of theme seemed to be under instruction.  You quickly see which people are skilled at working the glass and which ones are just getting to grips with how tricky it can be.  The heat coming from the furnaces could be felt even where I was and the people who were working definitely seemed to be experiencing the heat.  However, they seemed to be having a good time creating.

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