Biggest Tern I’ve Ever Seen

AE7I0803.jpgTerns are a pretty regular sight when hanging out by the sea.  They are prodigious fishers with a seemingly unending appetite.  They drift across the water looking down for the next snack.  Then they spot something and tuck back the wings as they hit the water hard.  I am amazed how often they will dive.  They either miss a lot or they can fly when very full.  Normally, they don’t appear to be the biggest birds around.  While I was out with Roger at Linda Mar, a tern was flying round just below us.  This was by far the largest tern I have seen.  It was a really big bird.  I am not a bird expert so this may not be unusual but we both commented on it.  A photo won’t give much impression of size sadly.  However, I assure you this thing was big.  Maybe he has been eating extra portions of fish!


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