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Taking the Plunge

We were walking along the shore in Pacific Grove when we saw a bunch of people on the dock that is part of the wall of the small harbor.  It appeared that they were getting ready to jump in so we stopped to see if they were or not.  Jumping into the Pacific in spring is hardly a polar bear plunge but it was still fun to see their reactions as they jumped in.  I guess it was still pretty chilly.

Seven Gables Inn

Monterey Bay is an area that we have visited many times but we have always made it a day trip.  With the area shortly to be a lot less accessible to us, we decided to have a weekend down there so we could relax and enjoy the area without having to think about getting in the car for a drive back.  Nancy looked at various places to stay and she picked the Seven Gables Inn.  Located in Pacific Grove, it sits right on the shore road.  We have driven and walked by many times but this time we stayed.

The hotel has a great location.  They have a lounge area with views over the bay that you can relax in with wine and cheese in the evenings.  Meanwhile, the breakfast room has a panoramic view out over the water.  Sitting eating your breakfast while looking out at the bay is very tranquil.  The original building is a Victorian structure while additions have been made to expand things over the years.  It proved to be a great base for our weekend away.