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Nancy Gets the Geckos

This time the shots I am sharing are not my own.  I was there when they were taken but these were taken by Nancy.  I was traveling light with one camera and a wide angle lens as we walked along the trails to the falls and Nancy was carrying her camera.  It is a Nikon P900 and that thing has a phenomenal zoom range.  When I saw the geckos on the leaves of the trees, there was no way I was going to be able to get a shot that showed anything of them given how small they were and the distance to them.

Nancy, on the other hand, had an ideal opportunity to get some shots of them.  There were multiple geckos on the plants, some on their own, others together and some others chasing the first ones out of the way.  They move very slowly for a while and then burst into action.  You do end up with some shots of empty leaves as they spring away just before the shutter is pressed.  However, she still got a number of them and their bright coloration really shows up well.

Little Lizard – Glad I Didn’t Stand on You

AE7I7305.jpgYou do need to watch where you are walking.  I was heading along a trail at Hayward Regional Park when I saw something move out of the corner of me eye.  Turns out it was a tiny little lizard.  Despite having nearly been squashed by me, he didn’t seem too perplexed.  I decided to get done on his level for some shots when he didn’t run away.  He still hung around.  I guess he liked having his photo taken.  I decided to leave him alone and continue with my walk.