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Our visit to Maltby Farm gave us a chance to look at some of the wildlife that the farm has.  They have a few sheep and there were some lambs in the enclosure too.  Lambs can be a riot to watch when they are young since they have incredible energy and bound around the place.  Clearly these were a few weeks older than that and they were taking a more lethargic approach to the day.  Aside from munching on the available food, they were lying down and resting in the sun.

As sheep get mature, they lose a lot of the cuteness that they have when young.  Some breeds are cute when adult but plenty aren’t.  A bunch of lambs, though, are going to be a lot more appealing.  Let’s not focus too much on how tasty they might prove to be…

Lambs in Spring

These two pictures are very old but they appealed to me given the time of year.  They were taken in Yorkshire over 20 years ago as we were hiking in the area.  It was spring and the lambing season was underway.  We saw a couple of lambs gamboling through a graveyard while another was resting in the grass.  Lambs in spring are such an iconic scene.  With spring upon us, I felt like they should be dug out from my negative scan archive.