Portland Station

I took a trip to Portland for work.  Rather than drive, I took the train down.  It wasn’t as quick but it was a far more relaxing way to travel.  With wifi on the train and no need to pay attention to where we were going, I could get on with things or, occasionally I assure you, stare out of the window at the scenery.  A lot of the journey was along the shoreline and it was very pretty.  (They are building a more direct route to bypass some of this which will reduce the journey time but probably make it a lot less attractive.)

I arrived at Portland at the Amtrak station.  It was a rather striking building.  A lot of the older stations are more architecturally individual as they were built at a time when railways were competing for business.  This one made me think of a European style.  For some reason, it made me think of Germany.  I can’t quite pin down why but there was something Germanic about the design.

I arrived in good weather but didn’t have time to get a shot.  The following morning things were rather murky but, when I came back for my trip home, the skies had cleared and I grabbed a few shots.  I rather like the message on the tower.  Pretty clear what they are driving at!

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