Mount Shasta

The move from the Bay Area to the Seattle area involved a two day drive.  The first part of the drive north is pretty flat but, as you get further north, you get into the southern end of the Cascades Range.  The interstate runs around the south and west of Mount Shasta.  You first see it a long time before you are anywhere near close to it.  These large mountains are not easy to miss provided it is a clear day and the weather was lovely on this occasion.

We pulled off the road briefly at a viewing location.  We were still some distance from the mountain and the view was not unimpeded but I guess this was a better spot than was available further up.  The mountain had plenty of snow on it.  As you looked closer, you could see wisps of cloud above the surface.  I couldn’t tell whether they were actual clouds or snow that was being whipped up by wind as we were too far away.  It took a long time to go by the mountain.  We came up the west side but for a long time it just was there.  Eventually, it was behind us and we continued on to our overnight stop.

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