Motorcade Comes In The Back Gate

I was at Boeing Field awaiting the departure of the Vice President and was wondering when the motorcade would appear.  I had assumed it would drive down the road alongside the airport and in through the FBO’s entrance.  As I looked to the north, I could see that there was not traffic on I-5 southbound so I knew they weren’t far away.  The helicopter hovering above also suggested things were close.

Then I saw a bunch of flashing blue lights coming across the bridge near Ruby Chow Park.  I was a little confused by this but a short while later, I saw a string of vehicles with lights flashing coming along the taxiway alongside the main runway.  I assume that the Secret Service had elected to enter via one of the crash gates at the north end of the field.

The variety of vehicles was quite fascinating.  There were the heavily armored SUVs that the Veep was in.  These were followed by other SUVs, minivans and ambulances.  I guess the motorcade is equipped to cover any eventuality.  They crossed the runway and headed for the waiting C-32.  Not everyone was going on the C-32 though.  Various people would be on the C-40 that was also waiting while others would be picked up later or travel via different methods.  Watching the whole cavalcade arrive was quite a sight.

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