Angel of the North

CRW_4714.jpgI was sent some pictures recently of a large sculpture in the UK. It threw me back to a trip that Nancy and I took a few years ago. Part of our route was a drive up the A1 passing Gateshead. Along the side of the road is a huge sculpture called the Angel of the North. You can’t drive by and not stop to see it (unless you live there or go by frequently I guess).

CRW_4709.jpgYou can park close by and walk around the sculpture. The scale is impressive and photographs do not do much to convey the scale of it. The size is one thing but the shape of the structure is also cool with the whole thing made up of flat sheets of steel. Then there is the color. The rust finish is very cool and is excellent when he lain is on it but looks moody if it is cloudy. This is one cool piece of art and I would recommend a diversion to see it if you are anywhere close.

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