Trying a Time Lapse of the Eclipse

When thinking about the eclipse and what photos I wanted to get, I did contemplate running a video of the transition.  However, since the start to finish was going to be over two hours, I figured that would be a lot of video that would never get used or would only be seen speeded up.  Therefore, a time lapse seemed like the best option.  I set up a camera with the 100-400 lens on it can’t at an angle to, hopefully, align with the direction the sun progressed across the sky.  I didn’t know how much time it would take to cross the viewfinder so I planned on taking a number of sequences with re-positioning after each pass.

This ran just fine during the eclipse itself.  My only problems came at totality when I really lost the plot on what I was supposed to do, so overcome was I by the sight of the corona.  I initially forgot to remove the solar filter so everything was just dark.  When I did take it off, I had not adjusted from the manual exposure I had been running up to that time.  However, in the scheme of the eclipse, the totality moment was fleeting so is not a big part of the time lapse anyway.

I have edited together the sequences I shot and here is the resulting video.

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