Tahiti Nui Comes Up Trumps

A favorite airline of mine is Air Tahiti Nui.  I have never flown with them but they have a colorful livery and they still fly Airbus A340-300s so they get points from me on two fronts.  The only place I ever get to see them is at LAX.  Normally they operate off the southern runway complex and I saw a couple on the ground while I was there on a recent trip.  While I was doing my flight over the airport to photograph operations, I knew the timing was right for one of their flights to come in.  However, things were pretty busy that day and we were reluctant to move over to the southside to get them arriving as we feared we might not get back into the center area to shoot arrivals on the northside again.

I was resigned to not getting them when my lucked took a very positive turn.  For some reason, and I don’t know what it was, the controllers brought them in to the north runways.  They came to me!  I didn’t have to do anything to reposition and I hadn’t even been aware at first that they were coming that side.  Needless to say, when they appeared on final, I was pretty stoked.  I imagine these jets will be replaced before too long so I was delighted to get these shots of them airborne.

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