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Hot Pools Hide Themselves

The colorful pools of hot springs in Yellowstone can be quite stunning to see.  Visiting in the deep of winter means they are surrounded with snow and ice but a lot less people.  The colors are still there but the low temperatures mean that clouds of steam form above the surface.  Gentle gusts of wind might briefly blow the steam away to reveal the intense colors beneath but the steam rapidly returns.  As you look into the pools you can see the colors well but it makes for a harder time getting photographs.  You give it a try but then just spend time enjoying the impressiveness of the pools.

Palace Sightseeing is No Fun When It’s Hot

On my first visit to Tokyo, a few years ago, I made a brief visit to the park around the Imperial Palace.  I decided to take another look during my first visit this year.  However, while I knew it was going to be hot (it had been incredibly hot and humid all week) but the exposed area around the palace combined with the beating sun meant it was pretty uncomfortable.  There were still plenty of tourists though.

I walked along one side of the palace grounds near the main entrance and then along the moat to some of the more famous viewing locations.  I got a few shots as I walked along but it is fair to say I was not totally in to it.  After I had got a bit further on, the heat was really getting to me and the desire to be back in the shade overtook any desire to explore further.  There was a running club finishing their run which seemed amazing to me as I could hardly handle walking.  Time to retreat.