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The Alaska 321neo Didn’t Keep the Special Colors Long

The merger of the Virgin America fleet into Alaska Airlines started off slowly at first.  With Virgin taking delivery of new jets, Alaska pondered how to mark them up.  The first of the A321neos came in Virgin America colors but then one arrived in a plain scheme with some outlines on it of west coast skylines under the tag line “Most West Coast”. It didn’t have obvious airline branding and I wrote about it here.  It turns out that jet did not stay in those colors for long.  It has now received the standard Alaska Airlines branding and I saw it operating out of SeaTac heading to Los Angeles.

Old Spirit Colors and the Brief Livery

AU0E1115.jpgChanging the colors of an airline is usually something that happens infrequently.  It always gets a lot of comment when it happens but brand continuity is often a big deal.  This is where Spirit is different.  They flew for a long time in their gray scheme that had a digital block pattern going on.  They changed to have something that was far brighter with a white fuselage and a blue fin with some color accents.  When I saw a yellow jet at Oakland, I thought it must be some special livery.  It turns out that it wasn’t and that this was their new “new” scheme.  I’m not sure what the problem was with the previous one but obviously it didn’t last.  I wonder whether they even had time to repaint the fleet?

QB5Y3787.jpg QB5Y0782.jpg