Billy Bishop Airport

Over 20 years ago we took a trip to Toronto.  While we were up the CN Tower, I took a photo of Toronto City Centre Airport, located on the island just offshore from the city.  It wasn’t a busy looking airport at that time.  Since then, things have moved on a bit.  Now it is a busy hub for Porter Airlines, flying their Bombardier Q400s across Canada and into the US.  (Depending on a planning approval, they may add C Series jets to this location.)

I recently had to fly from Toronto to Chicago and, with Midway as the better airport for me, Billy Bishop Airport as it is known, provided the better option.  A tunnel has been built between the land and the airport which means you don’t need to take a ferry anymore.  It is a compact airport but pretty neat.  The tunnel provides good access and, as you come up from there on the escalators, you get some displays of the aircraft Billy Bishop flew.  There is also a statue of him on the land side of the tunnel.  If you get to fly through there, it is definitely a fun place to transit through as it is far smaller than the average city airport.

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