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Continuing our UK trip, we were still in the New Forest and I wanted to visit Beaulieu.  It is many years since I have been to Beaulieu.  My grandparents took me there once and we went with the school on … Continue reading

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Birds of Prey

This is the first of a series of posts that shall crop up in the coming weeks that are from a trip to the UK.  Both my parents had significant birthdays this year and parties for both of them were … Continue reading

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Donner Pass

A work trip was tacked on the end of a photo project since I was in the vicinity – if a two and a half hour drive counts as the vicinity!  I found myself driving over the Donner Pass twice … Continue reading

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Reno Air Races

The National Championship Air Races recently took place at Reno NV.  This was my second year covering it and the 50th running of the races.  Before I go too much further, here is the link to the article I wrote … Continue reading

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Kankakee Powerboat Nationals

My friend Joel has introduced me to many things that are fun to shoot.  One of them is powerboat racing and the Nationals at Kankakee are particularly good fun to watch.  Taking place on the Kankakee River, it is a … Continue reading

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Our Window Cleaning

Slightly strange to manage to get more than one post out of window cleaning but that is exactly what I am doing.  I mentioned in my earlier post about the ways in which buildings have their windows cleaned.  Our building … Continue reading

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Up Close and Personal with an Enstrom

I was visiting a helicopter operator as part of an article that I am working on at the moment.  Unconnected with the subject I was covering are some other operations that they undertake including some flying training activities.  One of … Continue reading

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Kemper Window Cleaning

The window cleaning in Chicago is done one of two ways.  Some buildings have cradles that are hung from frames on the roof in which the guys can stand while they clean the windows.  Others involve ropes being hung from … Continue reading

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When we first moved to Chicago, we had a lot of storms that came through the city which resulted in some great lightning displays.  For some reason, the number of great storms we had in the city decreased in recent … Continue reading

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Farewell Chicago

After nearly ten years of living in Chicago, it is time to move on.  Nancy and I are moving to California and have said goodbye to our home for the last decade.  It is a shame to go but some … Continue reading

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