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Spouting Horn

During our time on Kauai, we spent a fair amount of time with things planned to do and lots of activities lined up.  However, it was a vacation so having a bit of time to gently amble about the place … Continue reading

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Fantastic Flora

While the scenery on Kauai is dramatic and interesting, the plant life there is quite something too.  Since I am not well traveled enough to see what other Pacific locations have to offer, I have no idea whether all of … Continue reading

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Predictable Sunsets

The trip to Hawaii was focused on Kauai but also included some of Oahu.  This provides ample opportunity to get some interesting photos.  Needless to say, I took a lot of pictures while we were there.  One of the sights … Continue reading

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The Chicken Secret

We have just spent a week on Kauai having a great time exploring a fantastic island. I will cover aspects of the trip in coming posts but today I want to cover the big story that no-one tells you about. … Continue reading

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Hawaii to come

While the recent posts have been appearing, we have been traveling to the middle of the Pacific. A trip like this will result in a number of posts but they will follow as we get back. Hope you can wait … Continue reading

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Tracking Unusual Aircraft??

Okay, I will admit it right up front, this is a silly post.  However, it is something that amused me.  If dumb stuff is not your thing, look away now! I was shopping recently in Harry and David getting some … Continue reading

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Power Boats at Speed

The Labor Day weekend is the time for power boat racing at Kankakee IL.  My friend Joel Love had told me about this and suggested I come down.  The Monday was the only day I had free so I drove … Continue reading

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Funky FedEx

The other day while I was sitting at my desk, I happened to look out of the window and across the river. (Under no circumstances should you conclude that I was spending a large amount of time staring out of … Continue reading

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Michigan Avenue Bridgehouse

The Chicago tourist activities have been continuing.  Another local attraction I have never been to – and this one has no excuse since I have known about it for ages and it is visible from my window! – is the … Continue reading

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More Walking Around Chicago

The walk with my Mum also took in some spots I have been to before.  Never one to travel sans camera I ended up taking some new shots.  Whether they are better than ones taken before, I have yet to … Continue reading

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